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We're just 3 kids having fun!

We're 3 sisters, Maggie, Sali and Evey, and we're learning how to run our very own business! Our parents are entrepreneurs who are really passionate about what they do and wanted to help us learn how to run a successful business too! 

Our main goal in starting a business was to make some money on our own so we could buy some things we wanted, like fun clothes and shoes... we love fashion! We also wanted a way to save up money for college, since for some of us, it's right around the corner!

When our mom asked us if we wanted to start a business, we brainstormed and came up with lots of cool ideas, but she wanted to help us create a business we could literally run completely on our own! That's where the Popcycle was born! Mom did tons of research on the best e-bike out there, we came up with lots of cool names then we narrowed things down and and purchased this bike from Icicle Tricycle. Mom designed the logo, graphics and website and we created the Instagram and Facebook pages and boom, Popcycle was born! Then we had to decide which products we would carry. We really wanted treats you couldn't find just anywhere, just like the old ice cream trucks! 

We attend events like festivals, local concerts, farmers markets and just bike up and down our neighborhood selling to kiddos who hear our music! We also get hired to work birthday parties and weddings and other cool events. 

We really like running our own business. We've learned to balance a schedule, count money and settle our books, track inventory, clean, stock our freezer, order inventory and most importantly, how to give the BEST customer service!

We love running The Popcycle while serving our awesome community in Helena, Montana! Come see us soon!

- Maggie, Sali & Evey


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